Is Vaginoplasty right for you?

First, what is a vaginoplasty? Strictly speaking it is the reconstruction of the vagina, either by surgery or non-invasive techniques. The most common reason to request a vaginoplasty is to tighten the vagina. However, I have performed hundreds of vaginoplasties for many other reasons including post delivery trauma, congenital abnormalities of the vagina, and creation of a new vagina.

Stress and Pelvic Organ Prolapse, A Little Goes a Long Way

Our philosophy to treating prolapse is comprehensive and holistic, emphasizing healing from the inside out.

Get Back Your Sexy

Aesthetic Medicine. Lady getting consultation at plastic surgery clinic, closeup cropped view of stomach and doctor's hands in protective gloves touching and examining belly, making fat removal plan

Read about how I have been getting ready for summer and back into my beach body after my fourth baby on our Blog page.