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First, what is a vaginoplasty? Strictly speaking it is the reconstruction of the vagina, either by surgery or non-invasive techniques. The most common reason to request a vaginoplasty is to tighten the vagina. However, I have performed hundreds of vaginoplasties for many other reasons including post delivery trauma, congenital abnormalities of the vagina, and creation of a new vagina.

Anyone who has a vagina and feels it is too loose, who has diminished sexual sensations, or just desires a more fit vagina is a great candidate for vaginoplasty. Aging, childbearing, gravity, genetics, and environmental exposures over time cause the vagina to “sag”, loosen, and weaken. This can drastically effect your sexual sensations and experience, and that of your partner. Why engage in any activity if it does not provide you pleasure? Even if your partner does not voice any concerns or complaints, it is your experience as a female that counts and you have the right to enjoy intercourse. Even if you are not sexually active, the tighter the vagina, the more pleasure can be derived from self -stimulation or use of sex toys.

I have quite a number of women in my practice that just transitioned from male to female and together we have improved the quality and function of their new vagina so they are able to enjoy it. In my office, I have numerous lasers, vaginal treatments, and intimate skincare products that are designed to create, maintain, and protect the intimate area. As an Intimate Cosmetic Surgeon, it is an honor to assist these women in their journey to become the intimate feminine women they were meant to be.

Now, to the details…how is a vaginoplasty performed? I have taught this technique to hundreds of surgeons across the world and I have observed many other surgeons from urogynecologists, gynecologists, to even plastic surgeons and every technique is different. However, it always requires the removal (excision) of some vaginal tissue. The key word is some, but how much is enough or too much? This is why it is vital to choose a surgeon who is a true expert in intimate cosmetic surgery, one who knows this anatomy more thoroughly than any other surgeon. This is why my practice is sought after by women from all over the globe. It is the artistic eye, refined surgical techniques, and years of experience that allows me to create a beautiful vagina. Back in New York, I was known as the vagina whisperer.

Most traditional vaginoplasties are performed under anesthesia using a sharp scalpel and scissors, cutting away the excess vaginal tissue. Most all surgeons perform this technique only to the bottom wall of the vagina in fear of injuring the bladder on the top wall. As a Board Certified Urogynecologist, my objective is to tighten all the walls of the vagina including the top, bottom, and side-walls of the vagina. I do not use a sharp scalpel or scissors, instead, I use laser technology that allows less bleeding, minimal discomfort, improved cosmetic appearance, and a much quicker recovery. Often, I combine vaginoplasty with perineoplasty or even labiaplasty for the ultimate reconstructive surgery to make you look absolutely gorgeous. Best of all, I perform all my surgeries with my super talented wife, so you get two surgeons for the price of one.

Take home message…The combined surgical artistry of Drs. Kimble, also known as the Dynamic Duo, will create, through our proprietary techniques, beauty from the inside out that you desire and deserve.

David M Kimble, MD