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Founded by double-board certified urogynecological surgeons, Dr. David Kimble and Dr. Alexis May Kimble, The Kimble Center is a leading concierge center in the heart of Beverly Hills, for the full range of female vulvovaginal & intimate concerns.    


The two doctors not only share the same daily experience, but also share the same language: the language of love for women, translated through medicine. Both visionaries and regarded “surgical artists” in the field, Drs. Kimble blend artistic vision with the latest technologies and masterful techniques as they work collaboratively with patients to achieve their signature:  superior aesthetic and functional outcomes with minimal pain and scarring.


Vaginoplasty, our most popular procedure,  is a prime illustration of Drs. Kimble’s emphasis on function and aesthetics. As such, Drs. Kimble have become a global destination for vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, non-surgical vaginal tightening, vaginal prolapse treatments, care through menopause and aging; changes after pregnancy and childbirth. 

The Kimble Center for Intimate Cosmetic Surgery in Beverly Hills was founded to create a center where treatment for the full range of genitourinary and intimate concerns are offered in the most exquisite, private and discreet setting.


We are excited to begin this journey with you.


self-love heals

Let's talk about it.

Drs. Kimble are passionate advocates of inclusivity and body positivity. Above and beyond, Drs. Kimble believe body positivity is anchored in self-love. Your decision to modify (or not modify) your body is YOUR decision alone. If aesthetic and/or functional augmentations to your vagina, labia, or any other part of your body help you to bolster genuine self-love, then it is 100% body positive. You deserve to feel aligned (and in love) with the way you look. The secret is loving and accepting ourselves and each other in whichever form we CHOOSE to show up in this world.  As two of  LA’s leading urogynecologists, Drs. Kimble will provide you with their unique perspective, insight and expertise to support your body positivity. 


Our most popular bespoke intimate treatments by Drs. Kimble

Reignite your intimate confidence! Drs. Kimble’s vaginoplasty may address vaginal stretching and/or tearing after childbirth, vaginal laxity, sexual dysfunction, and aesthetic concerns brought on by menopause and aging.
Patients all over the globe travel to The Kimble Center to seek the doctors’ expertise in Labiaplasty surgeries, including Drs. Kimble’s signature Labia Minoraplasty, which reduces asymmetry and discomfort caused by the length of the labia.

Do you avoid sex due to pain, dryness, or fear of infection? Confidently improve vaginal hydration, pH, sexual
satisfaction and other concerns brought on by childbirth, menopause, and aging with MonaLisa Touch, a quick and comfortable laser therapy for vaginal rejuvenation.

Enjoy sex again! The Kimble Center is home to several non-surgical radio frequency treatments to restore intimate confidence and vaginal function by activating new collagen production and restoring tissue within the vagina and beyond.
Drs. Kimble offer a range of techniques and procedures to repair prolapse and bolster your confidence. Whether your prolapse is a result of childbirth, aging, or chronic strain, Drs. Kimble have a distinct surgical protocol to correct prolapse and/or risk of prolapse.

FDA-approved for urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction in all genders, EMSELLA is the first walk in/walk out treatment to address that ‘got to go’ feeling and fear of leaking, while also improving strength for improved sex. Just a single 28 minute EMSELLA session offers the equivalent of 11,000 Kegel exercises!

Performed at The Kimble Center’s in-office surgical suite, Perineoplasty provides aesthetic vaginal tightening, while also improving intimate appearance and function. The procedure can address lack of friction during intercourse, painful intercourse, and more.
During this breakthrough non-surgical procedure, Drs. Kimble may use the healing properties within your own blood to address decreased sexual pleasure, lower urinary tract symptoms, urinary incontinence, impaired wound healing after surgery and more.
Regarded experts and skilled artists in vaginal rejuvenation, Drs. Kimble’s Clitoroplasty procedure offers patients concerned with clitoral misplacement, enlargement, and/or over-projection a clitoral “lift.”
Kelly King
Kelly King
Both of the Dr. Kimbles are fantastic! I felt so comfortable in their office and their staff was so kind. Definitely recommend if you’re in the Beverly Hills area
vince montana
vince montana
From the time I met Drs. Alexis and David Kimble, I immediately understood why they are two of the top surgeons in California. Not only do they treat their patients with respect and kindness, Drs. Kimble go above and beyond to ensure each individual is provided with the necessary treatment. Their positive environment is contagious. Each staff member makes you feel welcomed and safe. I highly recommend visiting Dr. Alexis and David Kimble for your Pelvic Floor needs!
Christiana Wendy Glover
Christiana Wendy Glover
Dr. Alexis Kimble is an amazing doctor. She helped me with many diagnoses of an overactive bladder & vaginal vault laxity, vulvodynia and vaginismus. Her bedside manner is over and beyond, she is an excellent Doctor. I have had problems my whole life especially after giving birth to a 9 lb. 1 oz. a baby girl and two adorable boys. My pelvic floor had completely dropped down and was painful for years. Now after having the bladder Botox my quality of life has improved allowing me to work and go outside of the home for outdoor activities, without worrying about the embarrassment from incontinence. In addition I had a vaginoplasty rebuilding what I lost, regaining my youth. I also had trigger point injection that has certainly stopped that stabbing pain I was feeling. The vaginal surgery gave me back my life again. United Healthcare Referred me to Dr. Kimble. I am extremely thankful for the better quality life she has provided me. I will continue to have the bladder Botox and the nerve block every 6 months to maintain having a better quality of life. My recovery went well and in 6-8 weeks I was better than ever. I would certainly recommend Dr. Kimble and “The Kimble Center '' to my family and friends, and hopefully anyone who is frustrated and just looking for a better quality of life. Ladies you will NOT regret making an appointment. Once there you will have wished you met her way before now! Best choice you have made for yourself by choosing Dr. Kimble’s care.
Mary Brown
Mary Brown
I love Dr. Kimble , I am 74 years old and had the vaginal walls lifted and she made me feel so comfortable and at ease, she answered all my questions and was very patient. She was very involved when I was in the healing process.
Susheela Reddy
Susheela Reddy
Betty Lininger
Betty Lininger
The care I have received under Dr. Alexis Tran for the past six years has been excellent! Because my condition requires longterm care and supervision, it is especially important for me to have a strong relationship with Dr. Tran. As a doctor she is knowledgable and professional, but beyond that she is friendly and approachable. This makes my appointments and treatments a positive experience as we can easily discuss anything. Dr. Tran is also up-to-date on all the latest treatments that could possibly help improve my condition therefore I have confidence that I am getting the best care. I have also seen Dr. Kimble and found him to be excellent and easy to talk with too, so I feel that because they are a team it enhances their practice. I highly recommend the Kimble Center.
Leonora Bustamante
Leonora Bustamante
Doreen Digiorgio
Doreen Digiorgio
orfa alvarez
orfa alvarez
Dr Alexis Kimble is truly the BEST. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and makes you feel comfortable, relax and gives honest feedback. Highly recommend Dr Alexis Kimble!
Judy Rogers
Judy Rogers
Dr. Tran Kimble changed my life, and I recommend her to anyone who has pelvic floor issues. I saw her for a complicated pelvic floor prolapse. After her evaluation and multiple tests, I was scheduled for reconstructive surgery and spent one night in the hospital. I received comprehensive written instructions to assist in my recovery. Because of her surgical skill, I now can resume all my physical activities. She is very caring and professional, and she made sure I understood her descriptions of my problem and the procedures which would correct it. The offices have moved to Beverly Hills. So, my gynecological visits are a bit of a hike from Glendale. The staff is kind and helpful. I feel well taken care of during visits, and so will you.

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with Drs. Kimble

Join us as we address the vaginally taboo and normalize healthy vagina talk.

Husband-wife urogynecologists and founders of Sonnet 79, Drs. Alexis May and David Kimble, share their expertise on childbirth, menopause, intimacy, and everything in between (the legs).
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