Labia Minoraplasty

Patients all over the globe travel to The Kimble Center for Intimate Cosmetic Surgery to seek the doctors’ expertise in Labiaplasty surgeries, including Drs. Kimble’s signature Labia Minoraplasty which reduces asymmetry and discomfort caused by the length of the labia. Drs. Kimble’s Labiaplasties offer an ideal blend of surgical precision and artistry to profoundly improve intimate appearances, while also relieving any discomfort caused by enlarged, asymmetrical, thick, or hanging labia.
All Labiaplasties are performed at The Kimble Center’s surgical suite under minor analgesia. Additionally, Drs. Kimble have incorporated the latest technologies to eliminate the need for scalpels and thus, reduce healing times and dramatically minimize scarring outcomes for patients.

Drs. Kimble are strong proponents of body positivity and inclusivity, and welcome all persons with vaginas seeking to bolster their self-love and intimate confidence through aesthetic changes.