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Our mission is to foster self-love through specialized and compassionate care so those identifying as female may live beautifully from the inside out.

Love for women translated through medicine

vaginal rejuvenation surgery- alexis kimble

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Designer Vagina

True intimacy starts with yourself. The Designer Vagina is a highly sought-after signature surgery created by vulvovaginal experts Dr. David Kimble and Dr. Alexis May Kimble. Incorporating custom-tailored surgical and non-invasive techniques, Drs. Kimble’s Designer Vagina surgery is a life-changing procedure for individuals seeking greater vulvar and vaginal symmetry, comfort, and confidence.


Patients all over the globe travel to The Kimble Center for Intimate Cosmetic Surgery to seek the doctors’ expertise in Labiaplasty surgeries, including Drs. Kimble’s signature Labia Minoraplasty which reduces asymmetry and discomfort caused by the length of the labia.


Labia Majoraplasty is a surgical procedure to meticulously resize and recontour the outer lips of the vagina. For many individuals, the labia majora may innately present or later develop an asymmetrical, elongated, sagging, or bulged appearance.  

Labiaplasty Revision Surgery

It can be extremely disappointing when a surgery meant to lift your confidence and wellness turns out unsatisfactory, or worse, detrimental to your happiness, health, and overall body positivity. Drs. Kimble are sought-after specialists in Labiaplasty Revision for patients who have undergone previous cosmetic gynecological surgery elsewhere and are unsatisfied with the results.

Revision Surgery for Botched vaginal and pelvic reconstructive Surgery

Drs. Alexis May and David Kimble are two of the country’s leading urogynecological revision surgeons. Together, the doctors have performed thousands of successful vulvovaginal surgeries that have changed patients’ lives and reshaped their overall confidence.

pubic lift

A pubic lift is a procedure to address concerns of sagging or drooping along the mons pubis, lower abdomen and/or pelvis.  This can result in clitoral enlargement and/or a bulge over the mons pubis.   This can be the result of aging, excess weight, recent weight loss.   


Perineoplasty is a cosmetic surgery to repair the perineum, or area between the vagina and anus, in individuals who have incurred vaginal or perineal damage during or after childbirth, menopause, aging, or weight fluctuations.


Restore the strength and tone of your vaginal walls, improve function and appearance, and most of all, reignite your intimate confidence! Drs. Kimble will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses vaginal stretching and/or tearing after childbirth, vaginal laxity, sexual disfunction, and aesthetic concerns brought on by menopause and aging.

Emsculpt Neo

Visibly tone muscles and burn fat in the abdomen, buttocks, arms, legs, and calves with EmSculpt Neo, an FDA-approved energy treatment combining High-Intensity Focused ElectroMagnetic (HIFEM) technology to strengthen muscles and grow new muscle fibers, and radio frequency (RF) technology to heat targeted areas for fat loss.

tempsure firm

Gain smooth, balanced, glowing skin with little to no discomfort with TempSure Firm. This amazing treatment effectively treats textured skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite with its fusion of radio frequency (RF) heating and specialized “smoothing” massage.

labial puffing

One of Drs. Kimble most commonly sought-after vaginal rejuvenation procedures, labial puffing uses approved fillers (not unlike the dermal fillers commonly used on the face) to address loss of volume and asymmetry of the labia majora.

The Explainer: What is O Shot and P Shot?

the O-shot—short for orgasm shot—promises its patients more sexual satisfaction by injecting their own blood-drawn plasma-rich platelets (PRP) into their clitoral tissue.

Genital and Anal Intimate Lightening

Genital and Anal Lightening is a specially designed, minimal risk procedure whereby Drs. Kimble will use a blend of botanicals and other natural ingredients to gradually lighten the vaginal and/or anal areas safely, without using harsh chemicals or other damaging elements.

Anal Skin Tag Surgery

Skin tags can form on many areas of the body, even our intimate ones. However, skin tags formed around the anus are often a result of recurrent friction or irritation, diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids, or Crohn’s disease. If you or a loved one suspect you have an anal skin tag, Drs. Kimble are experts in both the diagnosis and correction of this personal issue.