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It’s been three months since Olympia May Kimble, our youngest daughter was born. I feel fortunate to have delivered her days before the pandemic was announced. She arrived healthy on March 4th,weighing 6 lbs. 2 ounces. The sound of her cry filled me with calm amidst the clamor that is usual for a labor and delivery-operating suite. In fact, the sound of our daughter’s cry gave me the strength to brave the sounds of suction and the clanging of surgical instruments accompanying the stern orders of my obstetrician to staff as she was “closing me up” while I lay awake and powerless, fully entrusted to another. Being operated upon, a surgeon myself, was among the most challenging positions I have found myself.

In the weeks following, the weight of anticipation of Olympia’s birth was finally past me. Now, I had the weeks ahead to bond with our new miracle. In between a schedule primarily centered around her feedings, sleep schedule and adoring her, I also was eager to get feeling like myself again and was determined to get my body back.

I started to engage in a brisk jog starting at six weeks while Olympia napped. Even as the numbers on the scale started to drop, I couldn’t help but recognize the effect the pregnancy had on my body. I could not shed these stubborn pouches along my lower abdomen and loose skin that seemed to add up with each pregnancy. The frown taking the place of my former “innie” belly button deflated me. After this fourth one, I needed help.

I am excited to have started nonsurgical noninvasive treatments with TempSure Firm to melt the fat and tighten the skin. It is the new gold standard and FDA cleared for body skin firming and tightening. I have had four firming treatments so far. It was easy, took 45 minutes per treatment, was painless and relaxing with no down-time. It’s designed for many body areas. It can firm up the skin. It can tighten it. It can improve the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, sagginess or creepiness. It’s been life changing to witness the transformations that are additive after each treatment. My waist size is back to what it was before pregnancy. I put on my 26 size rag & bone jeans last weekend and was happy with what I saw. For the longest time, I only believed that these treatments were for movie stars and A-listers. I am so excited about how it’s changed my life. I am finding my sexy again. You can find yours too especially if you’ve had changes after pregnancy.

I hope that all women who have felt the changes after pregnancy could benefit as I have from this life-changing technology. I’m proud to offer it to my patients.

The treatments that are possible today extend beyond getting back into your jeans. Vitalia is an in-office minimally invasive treatment designed for women and their intimate wellness, helping you feel youthful from the inside out. A small probe is used to access hard to reach places to revitalize the vagina internally and externally. The ultimate effect is turning the clock back.

Are you ready to get back your sexy?

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Dr. Alexis May Tran Kimble