The Rise of Labiaplasty—Is Intimate Beautification for You?

The request for labiaplasty has skyrocketed in recent years with more and more women of all ages seeking labiaplasty surgery.  Since I am a world renowned specialist in labaiplasty, I have seen the exponential rise in volume in my practice with each coming year.

6 Asian Beauty and Wellness Traditions Influencing Our Modern Culture

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we are highlighting some of our favorite Asian beauty, wellness, and self-care rituals that have been integrated into mainstream culture.

This Treatment Can Give You a Stronger Pelvic Floor and Core in 30 Minutes

core-to-floor treatment

Core-to-Floor treatment at The Kimble Center for Intimate Cosmetic Surgery is a revolutionary new way to achieve a life-changing pelvic floor workout, without having to actually workout. This is the only preventative and corrective treatment protocol to work the entire core.

Is Running Bad for Vaginal Health?

While your heart, brain, gluts, quads, and calves may all be massive fans of the daily run, there is one body part that may feel quite the contrary: your vagina. In particular, your pelvic floor may find your running habit quite bothersome.

Honoring Influential Women: An Inspiring Q&A with Dr. Alexis May Kimble

We’d like to share a moment of gratitude for women of all cultures who have provided both healing and hope throughout history and in our lives, including The Kimble Center’s own resident healer, Dr. Alexis May Kimble.

Is Spin Class Causing Female Sexual Dysfunction?

A new study recently broke, finding a jarring link between cycling and Female Sexual Dysfunction-Yikes! But, before you hang up your spandex and toss out your Peloton, let’s dive a little deeper into the causes, risks, and potential solutions of Female Sexual Dysfunction.