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Fashion defines an era and often predicts or sets cosmetic surgery trends. Being native to Southern California, I adore and marvel at the latest collections from Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, Yohji Yamamoto,Giorgio Armani, Hermès to name a few. I look forward to perusing the latest designer collections one block away on the famed Rodeo drive that dictates fashion all across the globe.  Chanel’s flagship store is steps away from my office and I have the delight of viewing it with my morning cup of coffee before the morning rush that starts my workday, defined by surgery, office visits, or meetings. The famed Gabrielle’s iconic designs of two-toned slingback pumps, the quilted handbag and the iconic ease of a tweed jacket are all among the designer looks that define high-class fashion, a necessary style staple that is desirable.  The power of a well-outfitted designer jacket to fill me with a sense of purpose is undeniable.  My love affair is with the culture of fashion and its translation into one’s unique self-expression of beauty.

Designer vaginas are a natural part of this desire for the discriminating woman for self-expression.  What would she be celebrated for without the clothes?  In an era where less is more, designer vaginas are a necessary wardrobe stable.  Designer vaginas refer to a combination of genital cosmetic surgeries to achieve intimate beautification so the leading lady feels confident without the clothes.  I remember my father discussing the beautiful clothes cloaking my mother.  “Everyone sees what she wears. It isn’t for me,” he said.   This statement struck a chord within.  These early life influences for me in part influenced my definition of personal beauty and fashion.  The Designer Vagina is the outfit you wear in all your glory, reveling in love and by he or she who loves you.  

Why would someone want a Designer Vagina?

Women with real lives age, deliver babies, have active lifestyles, chase dreams, which are all contributors to vaginal relaxation and pelvic floor dysfunction.   Have you experienced that pesky drop of urinary leakage when a friend shared a comic tale?  As the female body did not adjust elegantly to the adaptation of walking upright with the gravitational forces working against us, the most feminine part of oneself can negatively change and alter over time.  Standing for prolonged periods can be a risk for loss of support and the inevitable laxity in the vagina.  The changes can present as being wider, more open, gaping, sagging as the supportive structures are weakened and collagen is lost. Kegel exercises at every event are a lost cause. Is it time we retire our fidelity to Arnold Kegel for our vaginal health?

Surgery to restore one’s anatomy and support function underlie the motivations for a Designer Vagina. 

Why should I have my surgery or treatment for a Designer Vagina in Beverly Hills, CA with Drs. Kimble?

Drs. Kimble have had proven success, experience and expertise in intimate beauty and all conditions for genitourinary health.  Beverly Hills is home to style icons, fashion houses, the premier authority on all things beautiful, and taste-makers for intimate wellness and style.  When you have your Designer Vagina surgery here in Beverly Hills, you can be assured that you are among the recognized thought leaders in this specialized field.  Drs. Kimble will ensure that your care from the time of contact with our office to post-operative recovery reflects the superior standards that are characteristic of the care that Drs. Kimble expect and practice.