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Labiaplasty surgery - celebrity gynecologist


 Drs. Kimble’s labiaplasty offers an ideal blend of surgical precision and artistry to profoundly improve intimate appearances and function, relieving discomfort caused by enlarged, asymmetrical, thick, or hanging labia.

Drs. Kimble have perfected a technique that permits labiaplasty to be performed in a warm, comfortable environment in their in-office surgical suite while awake.  No scissors or traditional scalpels are used.  To that end, healing times are reduced, recovery is often painless with use of Tylenol or Ibuprofen and  scar formations are dramatically reduced.

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Drs. Kimble labiaplasty is commonly combined with other genital surgeries like clitoral hood reduction, perineoplasty or labia majoraplasty to achieve the desired result.

                                                                                             FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS


Q. What is a labiaplasty?

A. Labiaplasty is the reshaping of the labia minora, majora, or both. It is designed to create normal function and appearance. The procedure is commonly performed in our in-office surgical suite using a potent numbing cream in a very painless manner. It may be combined with other procedures or non-invasive procedures to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Q. Why do females seek labiaplasty?

A. Some women are born with the labia not symmetric, one side is longer or shorter than the other side. Other women have very large or long labia that tends to get trapped during exercise or intercourse resulting in discomfort, pulling, and sometimes even pain. Childbearing is a very common cause of trauma to the labia, even sometimes resulting in an abnormal separation of the labia. Aging and menopausal changes can result in saggy labia that may need plumping or revision. 

Q. Who is a good candidate for labiaplasty?

A. Anyone who is troubled by the appearance or function of the labia are excellent candidates. We have performed labiaplasty on young teenagers who could not engage in sports because of the constant pain and chafing from large labia. We have also performed labiaplasty on much older women due to the increased size from aging and sagging. Most of our patients range from 20-50 years of age. 

Q. Who should perform a labiaplasty? Your urogynecologist, general  gynecologist or plastic surgeon?

A. The surgeon performing your labiaplasty should have specialized training and focus their practice on women’s vulvar and vaginal care, have years of experience in performing hundreds of surgeries on the labia and surrounding tissues, and possess the proper knowledge of the blood supply and nerve supply to the labia and vulva. It is vital for these factors to be in place for a successful surgery and to avoid post operative complications. That is why we are sought out from around the world since we are subspecialists of gynecology and have specialized training in cosmetic vulvar and vaginal surgery. 

Q. What can I expect during the procedure?

A. You should be very comfortable in our in-office surgery suite, especially after the potent numbing cream has been applied at least one hour before the surgery so it has peak effect. You will also be offered medication to make you relaxed and you have the option Nitrous (laughing gas) to further relax you. Many women ask how long the procedure takes and it is usually completed in 1-2 hours. The more complex the labiaplasty, or if other procedures occur at the same time will necessarily increase the time for surgery.

Q. Will I have pain after a labiaplasty?

A. The overwhelming majority of our patients take Motrin or Tylenol for any discomfort. Applying ice to the area for the first several days is the most important way of controlling any discomfort. You will be offered stronger pain medication for use after the procedure since everyone experiences pain differently.

Q. What if I am traveling from out of town or from a different country?

A. The Kimble Center has partnered with several Beverly Hills hotels which will provide transportation to and from LAX and around town in addition to providing beautiful accommodations. Leave the logistics of your travel to our team, you just relax and let us handle the details. 

Q. Does a labiaplasty always require surgery?

A. The short answer is no. However, it depends on your desires and goals. The consultation with Drs. Kimble will determine if non-invasive treatments, lasers, or surgery is the best option. Our labiaplasty is performed with the use of super advanced technology of radiofrequency, leaving nearly invisible scars and creating a cosmetically beautiful result.

Q. Why should I choose the Kimble Center?

A. First, both doctors are double board certified in Gynecology and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery. They have each performed hundreds of labiaplasties and thousands of vulvar and vaginal surgeries on only women. They are regarded as leaders in their subspecialty, teaching other surgeons their technique for over 20 years. Best of all, they perform all their surgeries together, so you get two surgeons for the price of one. Just read their reviews, everyone loves them!

Q. Does insurance cover labiaplasty?

A. No, insurance considers labiaplasty to be cosmetic, so in most cases, it is not covered.

Q. When can I go back to work?

A. Most of our patients return to work after four-six weeks, depending on the type of job you have. 

Q. What is the recovery like and when can I resume exercise?

A. The recovery should be quick and easy if you follow the post operative instructions. Restrictions in your exercise routine will be advised for the first 6 weeks after surgery. We also advise not to engage in vaginal intercourse for the first 6 weeks. We will customize your post operative instructions well in advance of your surgery, so you can plan appropriately. 

Q. Can I schedule a virtual consultation?

A. Yes, of course. Eventually, though, you will need to be seen by Drs. Kimble so they can perform an exam and discuss your goals and their recommendations. 

Q. Does it cost for the consultation?

A. Yes, but the entire consultation fee will be applied to the cost of your surgery. So, in essence, you will get that money back.

Q. What is the cost of labiaplasty?

A. The cost of this surgery reflects the complexity of the recommended surgery to achieve your goals, the experience and expertise of your surgeons, location where your surgery will take place.

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Drs. Kimble are passionate advocates of inclusivity and body positivity. Above and beyond, Drs. Kimble believe body positivity is anchored in self-love. Your decision to modify (or not modify) your body is YOUR decision alone. If aesthetic and/or functional augmentations to your vagina, labia, or any other part of your body help you to bolster genuine self-love, then it is 100% body positive. You deserve to feel aligned (and in love) with the way you look. The secret is loving and accepting ourselves and each other in whichever form we CHOOSE to show up in this world.  As two of  LA’s leading urogynecologists, Drs. Kimble will provide you with their unique perspective, insight and expertise to support your body positivity. 

Why Choose Kimble for Labiaplasty®?

Expertise and Experience

Our renowned surgeons, Drs. David and Alexis May Kimble, bring decades of experience and recognition to deliver exceptional results and personalized treatment. With their double-board certification and distinguished reputation as leaders in women's healthcare, you can trust that you are in the hands of true experts. The couple is renowned for their expertise in vulvovaginal surgery and urogynecology.

Safety First

Your safety is our top priority. We operate in state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest medical technologies. Our surgeons adhere to strict safety protocols to minimize risks and maximize your well-being.

Personalized Care

We understand that each person is unique, with their own set of concerns and desired outcomes.

Privacy and Comfort

We prioritize your comfort and confidentiality throughout your journey with us. Our discreet and welcoming environment ensures that you feel at ease discussing your concerns and undergoing the procedure.

Natural-looking Results

Our goal is to provide results that look natural and harmonious with your body.