TVT, TOT, mini-slings

TVT is commonly used in the retropubic procedure. Drs. Kimble will make a small incision in your vagina near the midpoint of your urethra and pass both ends of the synthetic mesh sling through the incision on either side of the urethra. Each end of the sling is then passed through two small incisions made above your pubic bone.


For the transobturator (TOT) technique, the mesh is placed below the urethra in the same fashion as the TVT, but the ends of the synthetic mesh are passed through incisions made in the groin region.


The Single-Incision Sling involves just one incision made within the vagina. The mesh is passed through the incision, placed under the urethra, and anchored to the obturator muscle within the pelvic region. This is a micro-invasive procedure that has the benefit of avoiding risks of vascular injury. Recovery time is also shortened in this procedure. This procedure may be offered in the surgical office suite of Drs. Kimble and Kimble with minor analgesia.


Drs. Kimble and Kimble have performed many of these anti-incontinence surgeries with patients reporting >90% improvement in incontinence. They are able to help you to determine which procedure is right for you.


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