Mesh Removal

In pelvic floor procedures involving the use of a mesh, some complications can only be resolved through mesh removal. There have been instances in which the mesh has become embedded or has resulted in the erosion of some of the pelvic floor organs (i.e., the bladder).


Complications involving a surgical mesh include:

  • Vaginal, groin, urethral, rectal, or suprapubic pain
  • Vaginal bleeding or discharge secondary to mesh exposure
  • Painful intercourse for you (dyspareunia) or your partner (hispareunia)

Mesh removal is typically done vaginally, laparoscopically/robotically. If performed laparoscopically/robotically, Drs. Kimble will place small incisions within the abdomen, including one to insert a camera for visualization. The doctor will remove the mesh and make any needed repairs.


Recovery times will vary depending on the patient and the level of repairs needed after the mesh removal. Consult Drs. Kimble and Kimble for more information.