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Emsculpt Neo

For individuals with vaginismus (tightness of the vaginal muscles), vulvodynia (chronic vulvar pain), pelvic floor dysfunction, and vulvar vestibulitis (pain upon entry to the vagina), Vaginal Botox may offer significant relief by ceasing muscle contractions contributing to pain and/or dysfunction. After an in-depth assessment of your symptoms, Drs. Kimble will develop a custom-tailored treatment plan for you. The entire procedure can be quickly performed in the comfort of the Kimble Center for Intimate Cosmetic Surgery and requires no downtime. Most patients experience the benefits of Vaginal Botox within two weeks and can expect to maintain those results for up to a year.

Tap Into Emsculpt NEO for a Sculpted, Toned, and Confident You

Emsculpt NEO, a non-invasive technology, offers a wide range of benefits that can transform your physique and enhance your overall well-being. 

From increased muscle tone and fat reduction to rectus muscle diastasis improvement and skin tightening, this innovative treatment has the power to help you become the best version of yourself.

What is Emsculpt NEO? How Does it Work?

Emsculpt NEO is a cutting-edge noninvasive body contouring procedure that takes just 30 minutes per session. While the original Emsculpt focused solely on muscle stimulation, Emsculpt NEO goes a step further by incorporating radiofrequency technology to simultaneously reduce fat and tighten the skin. This advancement has made Emsculpt NEO even more popular, delivering superior outcomes and increasing patient satisfaction.

When you opt for Emsculpt NEO, your muscles are stimulated through the use of HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic) technology. This means that the contractions induced by this treatment surpass what can be achieved even with professional-grade gym equipment. In other words, Emsculpt NEO provides stronger contractions than you could ever achieve on your own, leading to enhanced muscle tone and definition.

What are the Benefits of Emsculpt NEO

Amplify Muscle Mass and Definition

By stimulating muscle contractions, Emsculpt NEO allows you to enhance muscle strength and definition. While the abdomen and buttocks are commonly targeted areas, this revolutionary treatment is effective for sculpting any part of the body. Patients can experience increased muscle tone, and improved definition, and find it easier to maintain a consistent exercise routine.

Aid in Rectus Muscle Diastasis Improvement

After childbirth, many individuals experience rectus (abdominal) diastasis, where the muscles separate under the strain of pregnancy. Even after giving birth, these muscles may remain separated, causing both aesthetic concerns and functional issues. Outside of surgery, EMSCULPT NEO is one of the few therapies capable of addressing this condition, offering a valuable solution for improving rectus muscle diastasis.

Reduce Fat

The incorporation of radiofrequency technology in Emsculpt NEO enables additional fat reduction. Through the combination of muscle stimulation and radiofrequency, this treatment can often lead to a remarkable 30% reduction in fat, even reducing abdominal visceral fat in men.

Skin Tightening

Emsculpt NEO uses radiofrequency to simultaneously decrease fat and tighten the skin. This dual-action treatment ensures that you not only achieve a more sculpted physique but also enjoy the benefits of tightened and rejuvenated skin.

Who is the Right Candidate for Emsculpt NEO?

The great news is that nearly everyone is a potential candidate for EMSCULPT NEO, with a few exceptions. Individuals with a BMI (Body Mass Index) greater than 35 may not be suitable candidates. Additionally, if you have any metal implants near the treatment area, EMSCULPT NEO may not be recommended due to the magnetic muscle stimulation involved. 

Is Emsculpt NEO Painful?

The truth is, it’s not as dreadful as it may seem. While some individuals may find the sensation of powerful muscle contractions slightly uncomfortable, the majority of patients find it quite tolerable, even at 100% intensity. If you’re new to the treatment, the best approach to minimize any discomfort is to start at a lower intensity setting and gradually increase it over time.

How Many Sessions Are Recommended?

A series of 4-6 sessions spaced one week apart. 


Step 1: Schedule Your Consultation

Start by scheduling a consultation with our renowned doctors through our convenient online booking system. Upon booking, you will receive a patient portal link to upload your relevant medical records. You can be asked to share your medical history with us. 

Step 2: Consultation with Drs. Kimble

Ideally, we recommend an in-person consultation with Drs. Kimble. However, for out-of-town clients, we can conduct a virtual consultation to begin the process. During this consultation, Drs. Kimble will carefully listen to your concerns, assess your condition, and develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your goals. The consultation fee is $700, which will be applied to the cost of the Emsculpt NEO sessions.

Step 3: Pre-Session Visit

Before your first Emsculpt NEO session, you will have a visit with the coordinators. They will ensure that you are fully prepared for your big day. This may involve assisting with hotel arrangements, transportation, care instructions, and even coordinating a special photo shoot to capture your transformation.

Step 4: The Session Day

On the scheduled day of your session, our expert Concierge team will provide you with safe, professional, and compassionate care. Our state-of-the-art facility, equipped with the latest technology, ensures your comfort and well-being throughout the procedure.

Step 5: Post-Session Guidance

Our experienced team will provide you with detailed post-session instructions, and support to ensure successful results. For the best results, join our popular EmGym Club so you can return every week of the year to treat the body part of your choice. 

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