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Get Salty Smooth Skin


By Drs. Kimble


Detoxifying Body Polish

with Himalayan Salt, Collagen, and Lychee Oil for Whole Body Care         


Why Himalayan Sea Salt?

Drs. Kimble source the most pristine, highest quality, mineral-rich Pink Himalayan Salt. Its skin benefits include long-lasting hydration, naturally antibacterial, and restoration of the skin’s youthful appearance.



Polish away dull, uneven, and rough skin with our deeply transformative and detoxifying blend of Himalayan Pink Salt, Collagen, and Fruit Stem Cells, while our soothing blend of Lychee, Sweet Almond, Avocado Oils conjure immediate softness and head-to-toe glow. A full-body, luxury spa experience at your demand.  Pour a bath and generously apply… Allowing you a stress-free moment after a long day.



Good for skin