Does your pleasure still matter after menopause? 

Embodied female pleasure coach, yoga/somatic movement teacher, and menopause mentor Gabriella Espinosa talks about how women can still experience pleasure even after menopause. 

Gabriella Espinosa is the founder of Women’s Body Wisdom. She has been working internationally with women one-on-one and in group settings for over 15 years, guiding them to reconnect to the innate wisdom of their bodies and discover their pleasure, power, and purpose in midlife. She uses a wide range of somatic techniques to regulate and smooth the nervous system to help women experience pleasure even after they have reached menopause.

Many women suffer reduced libido, loss of sexual satisfaction, and sexual confidence as they progress through menopause and estrogen levels decline due to the physiological changes they are experiencing.

On this episode of the Vagina Talk Podcast, Gabriella Espinosa talks to us about how we can expand our concept of pleasure beyond the sexual and focus on what makes us feel sensually alive, joyful and vibrant and how opening new pathways to pleasure can have ripple effects on how we experience our bodies, the world around us, and how  – if we choose to have them – sexual relationships can help us open new pathways to pleasure.

How can you reconnect with your body and feel more of what is going on emotionally and physically, even after menopause? Find out on this episode of the Vagina Talk Podcast!