The Viveve System is the only device to treat vaginal laxity, dryness, and incontinence in one single treatment. This dual-energy platform device leverages Cryogen-Cooled Monopolar Radiofrequency (CMRF) technology to generate new collagen and restore tissue within the vagina in a single, painless 30-45-minute session. Using this system, Drs. Kimble can quickly and effectively treat patients experiencing urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and vaginal laxity. For best results, maintenance therapy is recommended.

Many of Drs. Kimbles patients have benefited from Viveve treatments. See Ivonne’s story below.
" Dr. Alexis May Tran Kimble is the best and I’m so thankful for her great work. I had this issue for 7 years before I finally sought treatment. Initially I was able to manage the symptoms, however, as my children got older it started affecting me more. I wasn’t able to play, jump nor do Tae Kwon Do with my kids as I was always afraid I would have an accident. I also had to be careful every time I went to the gym so I wouldn’t have accidents. I couldn’t cough, lift anything heavy or even laugh with a full bladder due to possible embarrassment. My gynecologist Dr. Moniaga recommended Dr. Tran Kimble for possible surgery/ treatment. I’m so thankful she did. My treatment was painless. You can only hear the humming of the laser machine. No cramps, no burning sensation. I didn’t have any downtime. I noticed a change within a week. I was able to jump, cough, sneeze without any issues. This treatment allowed me to have a normal life and return to having fun with my children. We are able to play, run, and do so many things I wasn’t able to do in the past. I’m not afraid to have accidents or always have to excuse myself to check my clothes. I don’t have to wear boring black pants all the time either. I’m very thankful for Dr. Tran Kimble and her work. Thanks to her, my life changed and now I can continue to enjoy being an active mom with my two boys. She cares deeply for her patients and the obstacles they face. "
Ivonne Diaz - March 9, 2021