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Sonnet 79™ by Drs. Kimble

In response to years of limited recommendations in the feminine care space and her stalwart refusal to recommend patients products made with harsh chemicals, artificial dyes and untested ingredients, Dr. Alexis May Kimble has translated her medical and scientific knowledge of the vulva to create the first luxury intimate skin care line to be worthy of your “masterpiece.” Each product in the line was formulated to nourish, pamper and celebrate the vulva to the highest degree.
Sonnet 79™ is the first female urogynecologist founded intimate skincare brand to leverage the healing properties of 24K pure gold. Each ingredient, from its French thermal waters to its pure botanical essences has been selected by Dr. Kimble and her team of top scientists for their proven efficacy and high performance. All Sonnet 79 products are plant-derived and free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, formaldehydes, artificial dyes or colors, and harsh chemicals. It is vegan friendly, ecofriendly and of course, vulva-friendly, too.
Products include:
  • 24K Gold Oil for Intimate Skin. This soothing super-blend fuses pure 24K gold, skin renewing French brown algae, and pure botanical essences to deliver powerful healing, deep nourishment, irresistible softness, and a delicate golden luster to vulvar skin.
  • 24K Gold Revitalizing Mist for Intimate Skin. This on-the-go, after-the-go, and wherever-you-go vulvar mist combines healing 24K gold, detoxifying French thermal waters and soothing botanical essences to instantly freshen, soften, neutralize, and honor intimate skin in all its seasons.
  • 24K Gold Cleansing Mask for Intimate Skin. Introducing the first ever gold-infused melting mask treatment made specifically for vulvar skin. An empowering blend of 24K gold, detoxifying French thermal waters, and nourishing botanical essences melt into skin, providing gentle cleansing, soothing balance, and unforgettable softness
Each product was created to be used both alone or together to meet your changing vulvar skincare demands throughout your days.

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