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Sling Surgery

The Kimble Center for Intimate Cosmetic Surgery is the first in the country to offer mini-slings as an in-office procedure, empowering women with the ability to discreetly treat stress incontinence with a safe and effective same-day in-and-out surgery! Additionally, Kimble Center, Beverly Hills is a national site for the FDA post-market study to demonstrate and track the safety and efficacy of mini-slings. Our hope is that more women can benefit from this life-changing surgery!

For women with urinary stress incontinence that has not been remedied through lifestyle shifts and non-invasive treatments, stress incontinence surgery (sling surgery) offers a promising long-term solution for improved bladder control. As two of Los Angeles’ top urogynecological surgeons, Drs. Kimble are specialized in several sling surgeries including retropubic midurethral sling, TOT (transobturator tape), and SIS (single incision slings). In fact, Drs. Kimble’s patients often report a 90% improvement in incontinence following a stress incontinence surgery (sling surgery). Moreover, upon review of their last 3,000 slings, Drs. Kimble’s dry rate was 93%, compared to a national average dry rate of 88% following sling procedures. 

Beyond slings, Drs. Kimble may recommend periurethral bulking with biocompatible materials such as Bulkamid to improve continence, a treatment easily performed in our in-office surgical suite. The doctors will work with you to determine the best possible treatment protocol for your unique situation.

Have more questions about sling safety and efficacy? Watch the video!