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Revision for Botched Prolapse Surgery

Choosing the right surgeon for prolapse surgery is important for achieving optimal results. Unfortunately, not all surgeons have the necessary expertise to perform the procedure competently. When poor outcomes result from a primary surgery, revision for botched prolapse surgery becomes necessary. At our clinic, we specialize in rectifying failed prolapse surgeries, ensuring that patients receive the care they deserve.

Meet Our Expert Surgeons

Dr. Alexis May Kimble and Dr. David Kimble stand at the forefront of urogynecological revision surgeries in the country. With a wealth of experience and expertise, they have successfully performed thousands of vulvovaginal surgeries, transforming the lives of their patients and restoring their confidence.

Why Choose Us for Correcting Failed or Botched Prolapse Surgery


With a focus on urogynecological revisions, our surgeons possess the skills and knowledge necessary to rectify botched prolapse surgeries effectively.

Compassionate Care

We understand the emotional toll that a failed surgery can take on patients. Our team provides compassionate care and support throughout the revision process.

Proven Results

Drs. Kimble have a track record of delivering successful outcomes, providing patients with the confidence-boosting results they deserve.

Our Approach

When it comes to revision for botched prolapse surgery, we take a personalized approach to each case. Our surgeons thoroughly assess the patient’s medical history, previous surgical procedures, and current symptoms to develop a tailored treatment plan. 

Schedule a Consultation

If you are not satisfied with your previous prolapse surgery result, reach out to us.

Drs. May and Kimble are here to provide the expertise and care needed to address botched prolapse surgeries and restore your quality of life. Schedule a consultation today to take the first step towards achieving the confidence-boosting results you deserve.

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