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Genital and Anal Intimate Lightening

Genital and Anal Lightening is a specially designed, minimal risk procedure whereby Drs. Kimble will use a blend of botanicals and other natural ingredients to gradually lighten the vaginal and/or anal areas safely, without using harsh chemicals or other damaging elements.
Depending on the extent of depigmentation desired, Drs. Kimble will employ a customized approach to help you meet that goal. Without the need for anesthesia, genital and anal lightening can be performed by putting a skin-safe cream containing natural ingredients comfortably onto the targeted areas of the skin; a process that can even be accomplished from the comfort of home! For patients seeking faster results, Drs. Kimble often will combine creams with laser treatment or other skin modalities. Some individuals may benefit from more intensive depigmentation with a two step treatment involving an in-office peel. Over 70% of improvements can be seen after a few treatments, with most patients noting a difference after the first treatment.
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