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Female Sexual Dysfunction

A woman has female sexual dysfunction, also called FSD, when she is upset or unhappy about her sexual health.

Typically, Female Sexual Dysfunction is associated with a low sex drive or trouble having orgasms. However, it isn’t until a person finds these occurrences truly problematic, especially if experiencing more intense symptoms such as painful intercourse, that a diagnosis of Sexual Dysfunction may be made. Female Sexual Dysfunction is when a woman is unhappy with the state of her sexual health. For those looking to reignite their intimate confidence and desire, we have several promising treatment options.


The leading causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction include:

  • General Physical Issues (i.e., diabetes, heart disease, or alcohol abuse)
  • Gynecological Issues (i.e., endometriosis, cystitis, or chronic pelvic pain)
  • Hormonal Issues (i.e., menopause)
  • Psychological or Emotional Issues (i.e., trauma, depression, and anxiety)


There are a wide range of treatments for Female Sexual Dysfunction, including:

  • Talk therapy and/or counseling
  • Lifestyle changes
  • At-home exercises under the care of your physician.
  • Managing medications (consult your physician about any alterations needed)
  • Medications for improved libido
  • Estrogen (best managed under the care of a physician)
  • V-shot
  • Mona Lisa Touch


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