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Founded by double-board certified urogynecological surgeons Drs. Alexis May Kimble and David M. Kimble, The Kimble Center for Intimate Cosmetic Surgery is a leading vulvovaginal & intimate concierge treatment facility offering next caliber tailored care in Pasadena and Beverly Hills, California. Attracting patients from all over the world, the center specializes in non-invasive, energy-based and surgical procedures for your intimate beauty and wellness.
The two doctors not only share the same daily experience, but also share the same language: The language of love for women, translated through medicine. Both visionaries and regarded “surgical artists” in the field, Drs. Kimble blend artistic vision with the latest technologies and techniques as they work collaboratively with patients to achieve superior aesthetic and functional outcomes. From intimate heath to sexual satisfaction to vulvar aesthetics, The Kimble Center proudly caters to the complete range of vulvar, vaginal, and intimate concerns, including those brought on by childbirth, genetics, and aging.
Our mission is to empower people with vaginas, while helping to restore and/or bolster their intimate confidence through specialized and compassionate treatment of their unique intimate concerns.

self-love heals

We are proud supporters of the body positive movement.

At the Kimble Center of Intimate Cosmetic Surgery, we are passionate advocates of inclusivity and body positivity. Above and beyond, we believe body positivity is anchored in self-love. Your decision to modify (or not modify) your body is YOUR decision alone. If aesthetic and/or functional augmentations to your vagina, vulva, or any other part of your body help you to bolster genuine self-love, then it is 100% body positive. You deserve to feel aligned (and in love) with the way you look. The secret is loving and accepting ourselves and each other in whichever form we CHOOSE to show up in this world.


We help you confidently connect and/or reconnect with your intimate self through specialized and compassionate treatment of your unique vulvar and vaginal concerns.


Reignite your intimate confidence! Drs. Kimble’s vaginoplasty may address vaginal stretching and/or tearing after childbirth, vaginal laxity, sexual disfunction, and aesthetic concerns brought on by menopause and aging.


Patients all over the globe travel to The Kimble Center to seek the doctors’ expertise in Labiaplasty surgeries, including Drs. Kimble’s signature Labia Minoraplasty, which reduces asymmetry and discomfort caused by the length of the labia.


Do you avoid sex due to pain, dryness, or fear of infection?Confidently improve vaginal hydration, pH, sexual satisfaction and other concerns brought on by childbirth, menopause, and aging with MonaLisa Touch, a quick and comfortable laser therapy for vaginal rejuvenation.


Enjoy sex again! The Kimble Center is home to several non-surgical radio frequency treatments to restore intimate confidence and vaginal function by activating new collagen production and restoring tissue within the vagina and beyond.


Drs. Kimble offer a range of techniques and procedures to repair prolapse and bolster your confidence. Whether your prolapse is a result of childbirth, aging, or chronic strain, Drs. Kimble have a distinct surgical protocol to correct prolapse and/or risk of prolapse.


FDA cleared for urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction in all genders, EMSELLA is the first walk in/walk out treatment to address that ‘got to go’ feeling and fear of leaking, while also improving strength for improved sex. Just a single 30-minute EMSELLA session offers the equivalent of 12,000 Kegel exercises!


Performed at The Kimble Center’s in-office surgical suite, Perineoplasty provides aesthetic vaginal tightening, while also improving intimate appearance and function. The procedure can address lack of friction during intercourse, painful intercourse, and more.


During this breakthrough non-surgical procedure, Drs. Kimble may use the healing properties within your own blood to address decreased sexual pleasure, lower urinary tract symptoms, urinary incontinence, impaired wound healing after surgery and more.


Regarded experts and skilled artists in vaginal rejuvenation, Drs. Kimble’s Clitoroplasty procedure offers patients concerned with clitoral misplacement, enlargement, and/or over-projection a clitoral “lift.”

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