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poor sexual arousal

At the Kimble Center for Intimate Cosmetic Surgery, we recognize that female sexual health plays a lead role in your well-being and wellness. Poor sexual arousal presents as a drop in sexual interest and a decrease of vaginal desire/arousal when presented with physical stimulation.

poor vaginal lubrication

25% of women between the ages of 50-59 experience poor vaginal lubrication during sex, and 16% will experience pain as a result. Even before menopause, as many as 17% of women between the ages of 18-50 will experience poor lubrication during sex.

poor libido

For women, a poor libido or a “lacking” sex-drive can be the result of many different factors, ranging from psychological to hormonal. If you are unhappy with your dip in desire, the Kimble Center for Intimate Cosmetic Surgery may be able to help get your sexy back.


If you are a woman or person with a vagina who consistently struggles to reach orgasm during sex, you may have surrendered to the belief “I just can’t have them.” However, what you may not know is there is quite likely a medical reason for your difficulty in reaching climax. The medical term for this: anorgasmia, and it is an extremely common condition.

orgasmic disorders

Sexual pleasure is an important and healthy part of a woman’s life. For women or persons with vaginas who are unable to, have difficulty with, or are consistently dissatisfied with the intensity or frequency of their orgasm(s), they may be dealing with an orgasmic disorder. Transgender individuals may be especially at risk.

painful sex

Pain during sex (dyspareunia) should never be ignored. If you or someone you care for is experiencing recurring or consistent vaginal pain before, during, or after sex, Drs. Kimble can help. While painful sex is quite common (it is estimated as many as 75% of people with vaginas experience painful sex at some point in life), it is not a life sentence.