Recurrent UTIs

A urinary tract infection (or UTI) is an often painful and uncomfortable condition…and it happens to be the most common clinical bacterial infection for women. More than half of women will experience a UTI in her lifetime. However, if you have experienced two or more UTIs in the last six months, or three or more in the last year, you are considered to have recurrent UTIs. For many who have unsuccessfully battled frequent UTIs with antibiotics and lifestyle changes, it can feel like there is no end in sight. However, new technologies and medical advancements have given new hope for sufferers of recurrent UTIs.

At the Kimble Center for Intimate Cosmetic Surgery, Drs. Kimble are experts at seeking out the root cause of your recurrent UTIs and custom tailoring a treatment plan to put your health back on track. Mona Lisa Touch is one such treatment that has garnered fantastic improvement in 70% of patients treated.