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Our mission is to foster self-love through specialized and compassionate care so those identifying as female may live beautifully from the inside out.

Love for women translated through medicine

intimate aesthetics & confidence

scar revision

Vulvar and/or vaginal scarring is one common cause for vaginal pain and/or tenderness. It is also a common aesthetic concern for many individuals. Any instance that may have resulted in tearing or damage to the vaginal and vulvar tissues, such as childbirth or surgery, can result in vaginal and/or vulvar scarring.

intimate hyperpigmentation

Aesthetic gynecological treatments have experienced a growing demand locally and abroad as women and those identifying as female, seek solutions to improve the changes in the intimate area. Hyperpigmentation is among the biggest concerns among these groups.

repair of botched surgery

If you or a loved one has had a vulvar or vaginal surgery that has resulted in negative side effects or a less than satisfactory result, Drs. Kimble can help. Regarded as among two of the country’s best urogynecological surgeons, Drs. Kimble are sought by patients all over the globe seeking the optimum surgical results.

vulvar aesthetics & aging

Self-care is healthcare. At the Kimble Center of Intimate Cosmetic Surgery, we are avid supporters of body positivity and self-love. That is why we offer a complete range of treatment protocols designed to uplift and uplevel your intimate confidence. Drs. Kimble have personally curated and created several treatment solutions to address vulvar aesthetics and vulvar aging.