Vaginal Prolapse

Vaginal Prolapse is a condition in which the vagina is displaced or moves out of position. It is a chronic condition by which many people “live with” before seeking the care of a urogynecologist. Oftentimes, this is when the vaginal begins to fall out or down noticeably, affecting normal daily function. Vaginal prolapse is commonly seen in people who have had multiple vaginal births, have had a hysterectomy, have gone through menopause, are smokers, and carry excess weight.


There are many effective treatments to correct vaginal prolapse depending on the patient’s goals and concerns.


For those who have completed childbearing, surgery remains the most effective option for repair. Surgeries may involve a vaginal or laparoscopic approach.There also exist nonsurgical treatments to restore vaginal function as well as intimate appearance.


When it comes to vaginal prolapse, choosing your surgeon plays a key role in the lasting results of your surgical repair. A urogynecologist is the best surgeon to correct all forms of vaginal prolapse. Urogynecologists have three additional years of specialized training to correct this specific problem.


Consult Drs. Kimble today to determine which type of surgery or conservative treatment plan is best tailored to address your specific circumstances.